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Dynamic Duo – Uncovering The Power Of The Second Punch And ANSI AMF

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From 2# to 1/2#

For Flat head tapping screw


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Second punch is a conventional die for screw heading machine. It is used for producing screw head and groove parts.The second punch for tapping screw.
Including AMF#2,AMF#3,AMF#4,AMF#5,AMF#6,AMF#7,AMF#8,AMF#10,AMF#12.
If you order the second punch of AMF, please let me know the diameter,length,M(PH width),Q(PH depth).
We can produced the second punch accroding to the standard, and we can R&D accroding to the drawing, samples and customer’s request.


ANSI American National Standards Institute
JIS Janpanese Industrial Standards
DIN Deutsch Industrial-Normen
ISO International Standardination Organization
BS British Standards
GB ChinaNatiaonalStandard


Flat head, Oval head,Binding head,Pan head, Round head,Truss head, Button head, PF head, Cheese head, Fillister head.



Phillips, Slotted, Phillips/Slot,Six-lobe,Six-lobe tamper,Pozidriv,Pozidriv/Round hole,Square,Square/Slot,Triangle,Y-type,Tri-wing,S-type,H-type,Hexagon,5-point,8-point,Spline,Spanner,Clutch,Phillips/Slot.IND.,Slot.IND.




PUNCH SIZE(Diameter&Length)

Diameter: Φ12mm,Φ14mm,Φ18mm,Φ23mm,Φ25mm
Length: 25mm




HSS: M2, M3, M42.


Without coating
TIN coating (Yellow coating)
TiAIN coating (Black coating)



Standard Size:12 Working days
Customization:15-20 Working days


50 Pcs/Size.
Less 50Pcs, should pay mould cost about 40US dollar.


Second punch packed in Green cartons.
We can packed in white cartons by customer’s request.
10Pcs per Box.


Φ12mm 0.24Kgs/Box
Φ14mm 0.32Kgs/Box
Φ18mm 0.55Kgs/Box
Φ23mm 0.85Kgs/Box
Φ25mm 0.94Kgs/Box


We are equipped with Rockwell hardness tester, Inlaying machine, Coating analyzer, Microscope,3-D inspection instruments and other testing equipment, to ensured the good quality of second punch.
29 27 28


We can offer 5-10Pcs as samples to check the size and quality, but you should pay the shipping cost.
We could`t send the Customization punch as samples.


Shipment by Air, by Train, by Sea, by TNT, DHL,SF-express.


Thailand,Vietnam,Indonesia,Malaysia,India,Turkey,Iran,Russia,Pakistan,Uzbekistan,Kazakhstan, and more countries or regions. 

Choose Chaoyue mould.We effectively reduce the obstacles and the costs for molding in your production and design. Your satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of all Chaoyue staff,we are ready to be your reliable partner and honest friend.


In today’s rapidly evolving digital environment, businesses rely heavily on powerful and efficient communication systems to stay connected and ensure uninterrupted operations.  Two revolutionary technologies, Second Punch and ANSI AMF, have become game-changers in the field, driving businesses to increase productivity and streamline processes. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at these remarkable solutions, elucidating their capabilities, benefits, and how they are revolutionizing the telecommunications industry.

Revealing the second punch:

Second Punch is an advanced call handling mechanism designed to optimize communication flow, even in the face of high call volumes. It is equipped with state-of-the-art features that ensure that no call goes unanswered, significantly improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

With Second Punch, businesses can seamlessly route calls to multiple destinations simultaneously, ensuring the first available employee or department reaches the customer immediately. This dynamic feature enhances the customer experience by minimizing wait times, reducing call abandonment and reducing the burden on customer support teams.

Additionally, Second Punch provides comprehensive real-time analytics, allowing businesses to monitor call metrics, measure agent performance, and generate custom reports. This valuable data enables organizations to identify areas for improvement, optimize call protocols and make informed decisions to improve overall customer service quality.

ANSI AMF Introduction:

Telecom networks rely heavily on accuracy and reliability, and this is where ANSI AMF (abbreviation for Abstract Syntax Notation An Application Management Framework) steps in effortlessly. It serves as a standardized framework that facilitates efficient and seamless network management across disparate systems and vendors.

By employing common protocols and procedures, ANSI AMF eliminates the need for complex integration efforts, allowing operators and service providers to easily navigate heterogeneous network environments. This interoperability enhances overall system performance, reduces implementation costs, and ensures increased flexibility when configuring and managing network devices.

Additionally, ANSI AMF significantly accelerates network deployment by automating various configuration processes, reducing human error and accelerating time to market for new services. Organizations can now easily roll out advanced capabilities such as virtualization and network slicing to deliver cutting-edge services to customers in a timely manner.

The power of synergy:

Second Punch and ANSI AMF come together to form a powerful combination that revolutionizes communications efficiency. By leveraging the strengths of both technologies, organizations can optimize their call handling processes, achieve a superior customer experience, and maintain an efficient and manageable network infrastructure.

Seamless integration between Second Punch’s call routing capabilities and ANSI AMF’s standardized network management framework optimizes customer support processes, resulting in faster resolution times, minimized customer frustration, and increased retention. Additionally, by automating network management tasks, enterprises can reposition their employees into more strategic functions, thereby promoting innovation and growth.

In conclusion:

As telecommunications requirements continue to evolve, enterprises must adopt advanced technologies to increase communication efficiency, optimize customer experience, and simplify network management.  The exceptional combination of Second Punch and ANSI AMF enables organizations around the world to reach new heights, heralding a future of seamless communications, customer centricity and technological advancement. By harnessing the power of these technologies, businesses can gain a competitive advantage, strengthen customer relationships, and propel themselves toward continued success.

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